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When it comes to Public Announcement Rigs, we know how important it is to get your message across, thats why clarity is the key factor with our PA Rigs. It's not always easy deciding on what's the best PA package to hire for your event, that is why we have various PA Rigs and can also arrange a tailor-made configuration to best suit your event. If it's a basic event, information like whether its indoors or outdoors, how many guests and the size or type of venue will give us a good idea as to what you'll need. For big or complicated events, a site inspection will give us a better indication on what you should be using to have a successful event.

PA Rigs

Satelite System

A common multi cabinet system used for smaller events is the Satelite System. This a excellent configuration for a small event in pubs, small halls or a small church.

Multi Satelite System

Multi Satelite system used for smaller events with stage monitors used for samll live event. This a excellent configuration for a small Live events in pubs, small halls or a small church.

Small PA with a more surround Setup to cover a slightly larger area

PA and Live setup with Bass bins for a wider range and more bottom end

Medium Live to Large PA with dual bass & dual mid tops

There are many other configurations to choose from, you might just want to add a DJ System on to a PA Rig thats not a problem or you might need a Tailor-made configuration for your event. Let us help you... Tell us about your Gig and we'll put a Rig together to best suit your needs. GigRig for all your events.

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