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What is a GigRig? A GigRig is a Truck that has built in Sound Stage and Lighting rigged onto it.
It's made to save costs and quicker setup time. By using a GigRig you will save about
half on costs and setup time will be all done in one day even if its a full on festival. In fact our
biggest GigRig takes 4 hours to setup. Usually with a normal Sound Stage and Lighting setup it
would take 1 days to setup 1 day to do the gig and then 1 day after the gig pull down or strike as we call it. All this falls into your costs and some venues charge per day rata, or a half day setup, full day for the show and half day for pull down. We have various GigRig setups ranging from a small system to cater for 100 people up to the larger GigRig that does 30 000 people Max. The GigRigs come in PA, DJ or Live configurations, each configuration has 3 setups - Small, Medium and large. Every GigRig can be modified to suit your event.

We have agents all over South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia and Mozambique. Email us at info@gigrig.co.za so that we get the nearest agent to see you.


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